Sinalive / سینالیو

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sinalive 70 one soft gelatin capsule contains 70 mg silymarin as nonomicelle

sinalive 140 one soft gelatin capsule contains 140 mg silymarin as nonomicelle

Uses: Liver protection, Acute and chronic hepatitis, Cirrhosis of the liver and jaundice, Liver damage and fatty liver, Reducing toxic effects of anticancer drugs, Blood glucose lowering, Reduce the symptoms of psoriasis.


Benefits of nanomicellar silymarin:

Regarding the lipophilic properties of silymarin, absorption of the drug in general oral forms are very low; but in this product, all silymarin content is captured in hydrophobic nanomicelles which are stable in stomach environment for up to 6 hours, therefor transfer to small bowel unaffected. There in the small bowel the nanomicelles facilitate transfer of silymarin from the water layer covering epithelial cells so increases the absorption and bioavailability of oral form of medicine.




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