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Our Technology

       ExirNanoSina offers various new drug delivery systems such as liposomes and micelles. Our high-quality nano-liposomal and nano-micellar products are produced by experienced scientists using the highest quality lipids material and advanced technology platform. As a leader in the field of nanomedicine, we are making high-end liposomal and micellar products to save your health and deliver hope for your life.


           Liposomes are colloidal, spherical microscopic vesicles consisting of one or more self-assembled lipid bilayers, which closely resemble to the structure of cell membranes. The ability of liposomes to encapsulate hydrophilic, lipophilic and amphipathic drugs has allowed these vesicles to become useful drug delivery systems. Lipid soluble drugs can be introduced into the lipid bilayer, and water-soluble drugs can be encapsulated into the aqueous compartment of liposomes.
At present, liposomes have been widely used in delivering various molecules in pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics, food, and farming industries. This new delivery system can encapsulate unstable compounds and maintain their functionality. Moreover, liposomes are designed to serve as a targeted delivery system for bio-macromolecule drugs such as oligonucleotides, cloned genes, recombinant proteins, and etc.
The nanosize of liposomal products (up to 200 nm) is essential for successful drug delivery to enhance the circulation time, reduce the systemic toxicity and improve the therapeutic efficacy of a drug. Currently, a large number of liposomal drugs are under development and some of them are already approved for clinical use.  
These advantages have made liposomes a leading drug delivery platform with a wide range of uses in the clinic.


           Micelles are spherical amphiphilic structures that have a hydrophobic core and a hydrophilic shell. They are formed by the self-assembly of amphiphilic molecules. The structures contain hydrophilic/polar regions (head) and hydrophobic/nonpolar regions (tail). Micelles are formed in an aqueous solution whereby the polar region faces the outside surface of the micelle and the nonpolar region forms the core.



The advantages of liposomes and Micelles as a drug delivery system:

Nontoxic, biocompatible, and completely biodegradable
Increasing the solubility of lipophilic drug
Increasing stability
Increasing drug efficacy
Reducing the systemic toxicity of drugs
Increasing the half-life of a drug
Flexibility for active targeting
Could be used as sustained release vehicles

ExirNanoSina Co. with the help of nanomedicine can develop liposomal/ micellar formulation of medicines at the nanometer scale, enhancing drug solubility, protecting molecules from degradation, or targeting drug delivery to specific tissues, and creating drugs with higher half-life with increased efficacy.



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